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Chapter 2 – Five Years Later

I had several cuts all over me. It hurt…a lot.

“Honestly, Kodi, I never expected YOU of all people to get into a fight.”

“I didn’t get into a fight, I just- OW! –made Bruce mad, that’s all.”

“Mhmm, and why did you make Bruce mad?”

“Because he was trash-talking Tara. I told him to stop it, and he turned on me instead, then started hitting me.”

“And did you fight back?”

“No ma’am…”

“At least you have a sensible mind, young man.” The woman walked to a closet and opened the door, searching for more bandages, most likely.

That woman is Mrs. Montez; school counselor and nurse, if you could believe it. If anyone needed medical help, she was a miracle worker. Likewise with personal issues like schedules, study-aid, or more emotional things; bullies and the like. Yes, Mrs. Montez was a great woman.

“You’re lucky Dr. M. happened to pass by at the time,” she said while looting the shelves. Strangely enough, she was married to the principle, Dr. Montez, more commonly known as Dr. M., or “Doc-Man.”

“I just hope you don’t get yourself into this position again. You know how much of a role model you are in this school.”

“I’m not THAT notice-“

“Yes you are and you know it,” she interrupted. “Now, school’s out, and it’s spring break. You go enjoy your week off, okay?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“And don’t get into anymore fights, for pity’s sake.” She watched as I walked through the clinic door with my backpack and disappeared down the hall. “Sweet kid,” I barely heard her murmur.

I met Tara back in the sixth grade. She needed help with an art project, so I took the incentive to help her out. Since then, we stayed together for the most part, and I became something like her bodyguard. I was taller than most people in junior high, not to mention well-known (though I never thought so much of myself), so nobody messed with me. Tara, however, was…different. She was imaginative, VERY imaginative, and people thought she was weird because of it. After that first fateful meeting, I stuck around her (or maybe it was the other way around) and she suddenly became quite popular.

Then high school started, and, as usual, the Freshmen became the upperclassmen’s pawns in the game where the ‘oldest and more mature’ group of kids always won. Today was such a day. Bruce, a large, hot-headed Junior, started mocking Tara about a play idea she had in theatre. Needless to say, I got into the middle of things, and soon became Bruce’s punching bag. Dr. M. stepped in, luckily, and sent Bruce to the office, while I headed to the nurse.

“Tara!” I called.

A lean, fairly pretty girl with straight blonde hair turned around. “Oh, hi Kodi.” She seemed to blush slightly. I ignored this reaction; she always did that when I showed up.

“Hey, are you alright?” I asked.

“I’m fine, but what about you? You look awful! I’m so sorry I got you into this…”

“It’s only a few scratches…I just wanted to make sure you were fine.”

“I’m…okay, really.” She sniffed, and I noticed that she must have been crying recently, but because of what Bruce had said, or because I had the tar and feathers kicked out of me? “My ride’s here. I’ll see you tomorrow, Kodi.”

“Okay. Bye Tara.” I watched as she hurried to her father’s black car and disappeared into the distance. “Great…” I muttered.

Sasha was fully grown now, and looked more like a wolf than she did a dog. She was a lot smarter than an actual dog, too, or so it seemed. In the five years we’ve had her, she’s never had an accident inside the house, made a mess, ruined expensive items (we gave her old bits of clothing to mess with, or anything other bad things younger dogs do. She’s also always stayed very healthy. Most of my time, by my reckoning, has been spent with her; she’s been the very best friend I’ve had.

As usual, Sasha was waiting for me at the corner of our street. This had become a hobby of hers ever since I entered high school. I was glad she was there; it made me feel secure to know I had a wolf, for that’s what she was and I wouldn’t’ deny it, walking with me. I knelt down and rubbed her behind the ears, and she, in turn, licked my cheek a few times. I stood and we began to make our way down the street to our house.

She must have sensed my anxiety, for she continued to glance up at me as we walked. That was another thing about her: she knew exactly how I felt, and would always comfort me if I felt anything other than content. She disappeared to the backyard, having to leap over the fence (we never worried about this) to get there. I reasoned she was heading for her dog-door in the back, so I unlocked the front door (Mom worked late most of the time) and went in, locking it back. I headed for my own room after that.

Sasha was waiting for me. I put my bag down, and then jumped on the bed. She sniffed at various bandages and licked a few of them before nudging my head with her nose.

“Bruce started punching me today when I stood up for Tara,” I explained. Sasha seemed to nod another sign of her unusual intelligence. She understood everything I said, and sometimes I could understand what she was trying to tell me through her body language. She nuzzled my shoulder, and I pet her on the head. “I’ll be fine, and I think Tara will be too.”

I laid there on the mattress, just looking at the ceiling. Sasha put her head on my stomach, and I scratched her behind the ears. “I really wish I could be like you, girl. An animal, with no real cares except for living life the way you know how to.” I sighed.

Then I heard a voice. “You can be.”

I jumped and sat upright, looking around the room. “Who’s there?” I asked, my voice shaking slightly.

“Kodi,” the voice said again; it was feminine, a beautiful flowing voice, “I’m here. I always have been.”

I looked down at the furry head in my lap. Those icy-blue eyes that Sasha had since she was a puppy were looking up at me. Then she smile…an actual, human-like grin. “Hello there.”
The long-awaited second chapter is here! *applause*

Well, I've finally written it. Now maybe certain people may be least for a while.

Anyway, so Kodi's had some problems at school, and Sasha has her own little secret. Stay tuned for Chapter 3 of the story!

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Story and characters copywrite to THE Treeko514
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